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     "We do electronic design and systems integration from the simple to the not so simple, for the famous and the not so famous, in both commercial and residential settings....and we do it very, very, well."     


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  CAI was founded in 1976 by Gary F. Christiansen to offer a unique resource to clients seeking solutions in electronic systems that were beyond the ordinary. Over three decades later the focus remains the same --- to provide our clients with uncommon expertise  in melding technologies , old and new, into solutions that transcend ordinary with a reliability factor that becomes the stuff of legend.


PanaCamBug.jpg (10289 bytes) PANASONIC NETWORK CAMERAS (New!)  If you have a DSL or Cable Broadband connection why in the world would you not have at least one of these as your own HOME or BUSINESS CAM?  You're already paying for the broadband connection. The potential applications are endless and this is one high tech product that fulfills expectation many times over. CAI Electronics is now a Certified Dealer installer for the entire line of Panasonic Network Cameras. CAI Electronics brings it's long expertise in special electronics to add value and function to a product that you will love.  The secret is that the computer is built into the camera. SEE THERE WHEN YOU CAN'T BE THERE
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DyCnsl2.jpg (33575 bytes)   SUPERB OVERHEAD PAGING SYSTEM DESIGN for any size or type of overhead paging application. Custom design and installation of zoned overhead paging systems.  Cost effective service and maintenance solutions for problems with existing configurations of overhead paging. Distributed multi-building overhead paging systems.  Masters of overhead paging for grocery, warehouse, and retail outlets in excess of 25,000 sq ft .  New VoIP overhead paging system integration. (click for more info)


860617-10.JPG (27449 bytes)    WIZARD'S TOOL BOX CIRCUITS tm (click)


Think of the Wizard's Tool Box Circuitstm as "electronic paper clips". Like the paper clip they do a  simple job without costing much, and like a paper clip, it's what you need when you need it. (click on the image)

Installers you can get an edge up on the competition by knowing how and when to use these simple, line powered, wonders to create seemingly magical solutions to customer phone and audio requests. 


APN142.jpg (65106 bytes)  WIZARD'S WIZDOMtm   Wizard's Tool Box Circuit Applications
Unique Application Notes for the Wizard's Tool Box Circuitstm . If you are a telephone or custom electronics installer this is the kind of interesting product information you surf the Web to find. Bookmark the page so you have it when you need it.


TAW848.JPG (60351 bytes)TELEPHONE SYSTEMS  CAI Electronics is a Panasonic  Installer Serving the Denver Rocky Mountain Area. Call us today for a free cost estimate on your plans for your home or office. CAI can save you time and money based on our long term experience with small office/home office solutions. Remember that we have been doing telephone systems for satisfied customers for nearly thirty years. Who better to answer your business or custom home telephone questions.


archimedes.jpeg (24412 bytes) EUREKA! FACTOR Legacy Mentoring where clients discover that they are in control of their electronic systems not the other way around. (click for more info)



AgamControl1.jpg (11457 bytes) FASCINATING ELECTRONIC CREATIVITY and customizing abilities drawing  expertise from a web of artists, craftspeople, scientists, and engineers. (click for more info)



PAGE 1 Low.jpg (283327 bytes) PROJECT MANAGEMENT for commercial and residential electronics system design, integration and implementation. (click for more information)



  NETWORK LINKED CONTROL AND AUTOMATION SYSTEMS featuring Internet based camera monitoring of remote locations. Media database servers for digital picture streaming to entertainment centers. Creative control solutions for gate, door entry, and  automation applications for convenience and security.  (click for more information)



XATAR AND FRIENDS phone answering machine messages. Now a quirky Classic.  Cartoon voice whimsy. Past and present fun. 
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