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Think of the Wizard's Tool Box Circuits ™ as "electronic paper clips". Like the paper clip they do a  simple job without costing much, and like a paper clip, it's what you need when you need it. These are the selected Wizard's Tool Box Circuits™ circuits that have proven most useful to telephone, electronic, and home automation technicians over the last 20 years.

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These loop detector, ring detector, and relay circuits have been used by telephone men, electronics technicians, and automation techs across the globe. The wizardry is in what can be accomplished when you have the right one, at the right time, in your toolbox. 


The Most Popular Wizard's Tool Box Circuits

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860617-10.JPG (27449 bytes) WTB-860617-10 Standard Sensitivity Loop Detector. Line powered in series with a conventional Tip and Ring circuit to provide a form C contact closure (NO/C/NC) @ 2A when telephone equipment goes off hook. Comes with a set of 5 spade tipped leads.     

Complete WTB-860617-10 Specifications                             

860617-40.JPG (25636 bytes) WTB-860617-40 High Sensitivity Loop Detector. Line powered from a conventional Tip and Ring circuit to provide a form A contact closure (NO/C)@500ma when equipment goes off hook. The circuit is transparent to all AC frequencies above 15hz. This relay is extremely sensitive and is often used in series with LED indicators 8ma or greater to convert an LED indication into a contact closure. Once activated it will hold at currents as low as 2 ma. Comes with a set of 4 spade tipped leads.  

 Complete WTB-860617-40 Specifications                              

871120-10.JPG (35877 bytes) WTB-871120-10 Universal Relay Powered with 12-30VDC or AC! Provides a form C contact closure @ 2A. This relay is very handy because it has on board rectification and regulation for the relay allowing it to be used on AC as well as DC voltages. The relay is fully suppressed and non-polarity sensitive as well. The relay will respond to AC frequencies of the correct voltage between 15hz and 40khz. Comes with a set of 5 spade tipped leads.    

Complete WTB-871120-10 Specifications                               

871120-20HS.JPG (36318 bytes) WTB-871120-20HS High Sensitivity Ring Detector. Line powered from a conventional Tip and Ring circuit to provide a form C contact closure (NO/C/NC) @ 2A. when ringing voltage is applied to circuit. Intended for use behind a registered PBX this is an extremely popular and useful circuit that has proven especially cost effective.  Comes with a set of 5 spade tipped leads.                  

Complete WTB-871120 -20HS Specifications  

871120-30.JPG (35784 bytes) WTB-871120-30 Latching Relay powered with 12-30VDC. Provides a form C contact closure (NO/C/NC) @ 2A. This relay provides a DC latching function when a positive voltage is applied to the trigger input. The relay will remain latched until power is removed. This relay is often used to detect momentary events and provide a sustained alerting closure. Comes with a set of 6 spade tipped leads.

Complete WTB-871120-30 Specifications  

AFU-48SF.JPG (26679 bytes) WTB-AFU-48SF  Impulse Flash Generator is Patented, and for years the industry standard for adding a 500ms hookswitch FLASH function to conventional telephones. Because of its small size and ability to be line powered this circuit still comes in handy even in a digitally dominated environment. Works on any PBX with conventional loop current in excess of 20ma and a conventional telephone.  Can be used as a line powered CPC pulse extender when used in tandem with a WTB-860617-10 loop sensor. (Click for Application Note)  

Complete WTB-AFU-48SF Specifications 



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