Get an edge up on the competition by knowing how and when to use these simple, line powered, wonders to create seemingly  magical solutions to customer phone and audio requests.

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AN 149: Ring Transfer Circuit This application provides a latching contact closure generated after X number of rings. It is used to automatically transfer ringing to another phone when the target number of rings is reached. The circuit automatically resets if either the original extension or ring target phone goes off hook. This configuration uses  WTB circuits in conjunction with an inexpensive digital timer.

APN149RingXfr.JPG (268496 bytes) (click for full size image) AN149


AN 148: Voice Mail Rebooter This application allows a momentary contact closure to be generated after X number of rings. It is used to automatically reset a computer based Voice Mail system when the system fails to answer after an adjustable number of rings.  Line answer resets the unit under normal conditions. This configuration uses  WTB circuits in conjunction with an inexpensive digital timer.

APN148Rebooter.jpg (267215 bytes) (click for full size image) AN148


AN 147:VoIP Contacts The main purpose of the Wizard's Tool Box Circuits is to derive contact closures from traditional tip and ring analog telephone circuits.  They are, however, finding many applications in interfacing VoIP equipment to existing phones and lines. The line powered, dry relay contact, is perfect for interfacing VoIP boxes to the real world.  This applications covers stacking multiple WTB-860617-40 loop detectors for multiple contacts. 

APN146B.jpg (98148 bytes)


(click for full size image) AN147


AN 146: Digital Tone Trigger  This is an interesting application that allows custom ring tone music riffs to be generated for individual lines with the incoming call picked up anywhere in the house. It relies upon , WTB-871120-20HS Ring Detectors,  WTB-871120-10 Universal Voltage Relay, TOA Message Repeater and a Panasonic phone system. While any phone system with directed call pickup and analog extensions would work it's second nature to the Panasonic. A TOA 900 mixer was also used to feed an existing whole house audio system, which was also a bit of a prerequisite.

  (Click for full size image APN-146)                                         APN146B.jpg (98148 bytes)



WTB871120BLOCK.jpg (169523 bytes) INSTALLER TIP: The Wizards Tool Box Circuits are sized so that will fit on the back of a standard 66M-150/89B  telephone connection block. This makes multiple connections and interface easy and creates a professional looking block field for your special circuit installations.  (Click on the image for details)


 AN 140: Impulse Generator Originally used as a retrofit hookswitch flash generator the AFU-48SF can also be considered a 500ms impulse generator. When coupled with a our standard loop detector a combination can be created that will extend a too short CPC pulse (quick line interruption) to 500ms. This is extremely useful in situations where a short CPC pulse is not recognized by a KSU or Voice-Mail.

APN140.jpg (421538 bytes)  (click for full size image) AN140


AN 141:Gate Contact from Spare CO Port This handy application allows a contact closure to be generated from a spare KSU CO line port. Originally this was used as a hold open function for a gate control. CO ports can be optioned to only be available to certain phones thru most KSU software.

APN141.jpg (86562 bytes) (click for full size image) AN141


AN 142:Pansonic Doorbell Interface The old style Panasonic 308, 616, and 1232 KSU do not have a door bell trigger circuit similar to the new 624. This circuit was a way to generate the function for the older KSU's.

APN142.jpg (65106 bytes) (click for full size image) AN-142


AN:143 Call Hold with Contact  Originally configured to indicate that a standard 2500 type set on a manufacturing plant floor had placed a call on hold and trigger a small indicator strobe light. Another 2500 set in parallel on the line then simply went off hook to get the call. The key was the contact closure to generate the strobe, and the hold switching action of the circuit.

APN143.jpg (87274 bytes) (click for full size image) AN-143


AN:144 Panasonic Hybrid Phone Audio Mute  When using Panasonic hybrid telephone sets such as the 7100, 7300, or 7700 series this circuit generates a contact closure when the phone goes off hook and is perfect for supplying a mute contact to an audio system configured to mute with a contact closure. This is often the case in weight and exercise rooms.

APN144.jpg (77932 bytes) (click for full size image) AN-144


AN: 145 LED to Contact Converter  Using the high sensitivity and low current draw of the WTB-860617-40 an LED appearance can be converted into a contact closure while maintaining the LED indication.

APN145.jpg (67355 bytes) (click for full size image) AN-145

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