CAI's creativity and electronics expertise also extend to a diversity of control applications and system integration including:

bullet ENHANCED CONTROL SYSTEMS: CAI has designed dozens of custom residential control systems. Many have been integrated into telephone and gate controls to extend their normal capabilities and convenience. The end result is often a mix of wired, wireless, or pre-existing control melded by CAI into something special for a client.
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bulletPAGE 1 Low.jpg (283327 bytes)  A prime example of CAI's cross melding of electronic control and automation can be seen in the "Eighteen Levels"  a sculpture in Cherry Hills, Colorado, by world renowned artist Yakov Agam. CAI was called upon to enhance the original control system for this unique creation. (Article reprint from DENVER TRENDS Magazine Summer 2004)
bulletPAGE2Low.jpg (301697 bytes)  LIGHTING CONTROL: CAI's background in theatrical lighting makes it the perfect choice for design and installation of residential lighting control systems and preset dimming. CAI  partners with a variety of licensed electrical contractors to offer complete turnkey installations for remodeling and new construction. Featuring such manufacturers as Touchplate, Lutron, Leviton, and Leprecon.

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LAN AND INTERNET CONTROL SYSTEMS: CAI Electronics offers Internet camera monitoring and a host of other networked services using





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