Here is a pictorial sampling of some CAI special circuits and a brief description of what each did for our clients:

Page Adapter 1.jpg (35028 bytes)   Creative design and packaging of a critical overhead paging adapter allowed our client to have high audio quality and overhead page access control functions that didn't exist off the shelf at the time. The functions generated allowed to client to improve their business efficiency on a 24/7 basis making their overhead paging system do exactly what was required.

ComCtyVoting.jpg (57655 bytes)    CAI produces fully integrated creative electronic systems. This was a voting board entry display console for the City Clerk at a regional City Council Chamber. The entry console is only one portion of the entire system which consisted of control electronics for 12 council member positions and the drive electronics for the large signage display board.

Game Show1.jpg (65802 bytes)        GameShowCir.jpg (87656 bytes)    This unique configuration was designed for a television game show which required recognition and display of the first person to hit a switch. If you click to enlarge the image, you will see that the switch is half of a child's rubber ball which reduced noise and cushioned impact, which were two critical aspects to the client. A creative solution does not have to be complex to be elegant.

TeleCon1000Fnt.jpg (34140 bytes)    TeleCon1000Interior.jpg (85358 bytes)  This unique teleconference unit was assembled for a Fortune 500 company conference room system which provided  both transfer capability and an audio quality that was not available on other units at the time. The system controlled six different conference rooms independently. This project went from concept to a functional, custom packaged system, in less than 15 days!

ReactionTExterior.jpg (37884 bytes)    ReactionTInterior.jpg (64362 bytes)    Exterior and Interior of a "Reaction Time" machine for a local museum. The object was to hit one of the basketballs when the music and lights stopped. Since the basketball was chosen at random the amount of time that it took to respond was digitally displayed as a reaction time.

ShHSLighting.jpg (51196 bytes)    This custom fabricated low voltage replacement control panel was installed for house and stage lighting control at a regional high school.

PageRackIBM1.jpg (49883 bytes)     PageRackIBM2.jpg (89250 bytes)    An creatively configured and assembled custom overhead paging control rack for a Fortune 500 client required special security telephone notification on an isolated and emp hardened system.  This particular interface was designed on a telephone industry standard format for reliability and ease of maintenance.


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