There are a lot of reasons why we are enthused about this particular system. Most hinge around what it can do for our clients. Here are some sample pictures and a link to the

Dynacord web site.


DyCnsl2.jpg (33575 bytes)    An example of the Dynacord Digital Control and Mic Input Console. This digital console has the basic page functions and an additional ten ancillary function buttons to the left. These ancillary buttons can be programmed for a multitude of different control functions. One of the most popular uses with our clients is digital prerecorded messages which can be output to the overhead paging system at the touch of a button.


DSCN3061.JPG (30713 bytes) The Dynacord control system mounts into a 19" rack format and is readily reverse compatible with existing overhead paging equipment. Dynacord also manufacturers a complete line of supervised amplifiers and is certified to UL Life Safety Standards for Overhead Paging Systems.


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