CAI is often asked to provide evaluation of existing electronics installations that a client is having difficulty understanding or getting to function correctly. This is often the case when a residence has changed owners or the current owner is frustrated to exasperation with an existing system. CAI is hired to evaluate the situation and provide counsel.  Understanding is as critical a component of a successful electronics system as the software and hardware. The grandest of system implementations often falter on this simple truth.

archimedes.jpeg (24412 bytes) This situation arises so frequently that we have coined the term  Eureka! Factor™ to describe the experience that happens when a client, after a good deal of thought and no small amount of frustration, discovers a connection that allows them to realize that they are in control of their electronic world, not the other way around.

The term derives from the Greek philosopher and scientist Archimedes who, while taking a bath, grasped the significance of water displacement and measurement. In Archimedes case it was the King that had threatened him with death unless he could devise a way to accurately measure the mass of a pure gold crown. Needless to say Archimedes dedicated a good deal of thought and no small amount of frustration to the problem. As the tale goes; in a moment of enlightenment he finally grasped the answer and ran naked through the streets of ancient Syracuse shouting EUREKA! While we would normally suggest something a bit less demonstrative for our clients the feeling remains genuine and as desirable now as it was then.

CAI has nearly thirty years of interacting with all types of electronics and electronically controlled systems, electronic infrasturcturalists would be an apt description. Give us a call if you have reached the point that you are seeking a Eureka Factor™, perhaps we can help.


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