For Homes and the Residential Home Office Setting

CAI has installed and serviced many brands of telephone systems over the years. Without exception, in our opinion, the Panasonic® line of Digital Hybrid Telephone systems provide us with what we want to offer most to our clients; reliability, flexibility, and an excellent price point. 


Here are several reasons why CAI has chosen to recommend  Panasonic® phones to our residential customers:

...Longevity. Panasonic® hybrid phones from 18 years ago are still compatible. with their latest digital control units.

...The hybrid systems will accommodate and automatically recognize standard phones on the same port. This means that the novelty football phone that you got for Christmas will work on the system.

...The system features work well for residences and small businesses. This forms a perfect meld with home offices in terms of voice mail, call conferencing, and multiple other features.

...Door phones have always been a solid, reliable, feature of these systems.

...Seamless on site voice mail integration and automatic call routing for busy homes

The compatibility with conventional phones allows CAI to offer many of its custom circuits to clients to further enhance the system capabilities.

Call us today for a free cost estimate on your plans for your home office. CAI can save you time and money based on our long term experience in the small office/home office area. Remember that we have been doing small telephone systems for satisfied customers for nearly thirty years. Who better to answer your custom home telephone and electronic questions.

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