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There are always new systems making debuts and new equipment solutions to old problems, but what we are really excited about can be summed up in one new word: NANOTECHNOLOGY.

Nanotechnology is engineering at the level of the atom. It promises some of the most amazing and radical changes imaginable for the future.  Nanotechnology will produce new materials with alien characteristics. From ultra-thin display monitors (1/4") to pharmaceutical delivery systems the emerging world of nanomaterials will alter our lifestyles and lives.

One of the most interesting materials to emerge on the current scene is the nanomuscle . It has long been a dream of robotic engineers to have something akin to actual human muscle action without awkward linear motion converters. This of course is just the beginning of the nano material flood tide, but it is of significance because it is here and now. The eyes of a toy doll were one of the first mass applications. Nanomaterials represent a massive reservoir for creative potential.

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