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  • The responsibility for the overhead paging system and its associated interfaces is frequently being shifted to IT departments. IT managers need a source that they can count on for design, installation, and service. CAI has been this source to Fortune 500 corporations and numerous other businesses in the Denver area for nearly 30 years. As overhead paging systems continue to evolve using digital delivery systems, having both analog and digital skills is imperative for successful implementation and management.

  • VoIP has become an important emerging technology for connecting and linking remote paging sites together. CAI is a dealer for a number of manufacturers offering direct VoIP to page solutions. Combining VoIP and existing paging technologies is a natural extension of CAI's paging system design and build expertise. If you are in the Denver area and are investigating VoIP paging solutions, call CAI to discuss the potential for your project. Remember that the VoIP link is only one portion of the critical consideration needed for a functional, effective, overhead paging system.

  • CAI offers the expertise of nearly 30 years in the design and implementation of overhead paging and sound delivery systems. Here is what this expertise can mean to you:



The overhead paging systems that CAI specializes in are known as constant voltage systems. They are referred to this way because the distribution scheme is similar to that of an electrical grid which you can plug varying electrical loads into. When done correctly speaker wattage on this type of system can be added or subtracted in a manner similar to  conventional light bulbs. CAI also specializes in hybrids of constant voltage systems where integrated line level distribution is provided via existing telephone wiring infrastructure to link remote areas of the overhead paging system. These types of overhead paging systems are typically found in industrial plants, hospitals, airports, grocery stores, warehouses, and similar institutions requiring intercom ability over a large area. These overhead paging systems can also be configured to include VoIP integration points.


DyCnsl2.jpg (33575 bytes)  CAI is a certified consultant and implementer for the Telex/Electro-Voice DYNACORD line of intercom and overhead paging systems. This overhead paging equipment line deserves special attention as it is a remarkable, digitally controlled, overhead paging equipment option that combines some of the best characteristics that CAI has designed into custom systems, with an off the shelf product from a major manufacturer. The system was originally designed in Germany following a tunnel disaster in the Alps in which the existing tunnel intercom paging system proved inadequate. The system line is designed to specifically eliminate areas of paging weakness and the resulting product is a superbly reliable, digitally programmable, complete overhead paging product line.


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Combining custom equipment abilities, with the breadth of products from industry leaders, results in a reliable, powerful team that works to your advantage in the design, installation, and maintenance of your overhead paging system. 



CAI has the knowledge and experience of building hundreds of custom telephone and overhead paging system interfaces.  In addition CAI is a dealer for many of the premier manufacturing names in the overhead paging equipment arena.

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