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Entitled "Trailing Edge" this whimsical melding of Folk Art and functional high technology is a fully operational repackage of a Panasonic® KX-T30865 door phone module. Voice emerges from the can and string when the red call button is pushed.  A built in microphone (visible above call button) picks up the callers voice and transmits in full duplex mode completing the illusion of talking over a tin can and string. The lamps above the can and in the antique blue glass insulator activate at night when an approaching vehicle is sensed. This is a delightful example of the creativity and imagination of the people at The Creative Aspect, Inc.

Created for: Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hartley --Evergreen Colorado

Electronic Design: Gary F. Christiansen

Art Design and Fabrication: Dan Whitcomb


"Trailing Edge" was born from a casual observation and a client's simple statement. "You know I'm not sure electronics belongs in the mountains. I'd be just as happy with a tin can and string."  "Trailing Edge" then evolved through a series of sketches and experimentation. In the end, it captured the feel of the owner and the ranch environment in a way that gave it a place in the lore of the valley. A paradox in which whimsical low tech parts became a fully functional part of a high tech system. A metaphor and folk art in the same brush stroke.

Many custom electronics clients want the very latest high-end esoteric gear; others have more pragmatic requests. It is a rare client, however, that will not get warm fuzzies when a friend they have over for a dinner party says something on the order of, "That's amazing. Where did you get it?" and the client is able to say, " Interesting isn't it. It's the only one like it in the world"


"Trailing Edge" still functions today on a 24/7 basis doing what it was created to do over seventeen years ago. 


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