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Six (6) sample phone answering messages have been made available for your listening entertainment. Click to play.



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There are 51XatarFriendsContent.jpg (116713 bytes) more fun filled tracks on this original collector's vinyl pressing

There are still a limited number of collectable vintage vinyl records of the original Xatar and Friends™ XatarFriendsCredits.jpg (68653 bytes) These albums are in the original shrink wrap and are from the first pressing. They contain all of the original material as well as the coveted "Mona" tracks. This is the last of the original pressing and reserve for Xatar trivia buffs and enthusiasts.Voices of Xatar Friends.jpg (84537 bytes) While the inventory lasts they are available for immediate shipment through our distributor unit :

Mike Sandman Enterprises.   There are many other telephone items available to carbon based telephone types at this site as well. If you haven't heard of Sandman you need to bookmark the page and browse. They accept credit card orders and do not impose minimums. 


While you are at the Sandman unit ordering your collector's edition Xatar and Friends™ check out how a phone answering machine can solve one of the planet's most vexing problems. (click)

WTBXatar.JPG (34178 bytes) Xatar (that's pronounced with a Z thank you) started life as an alter-biological radio character. In the early 1980's he developed a following as the lead in a phone answering machine soap opera. The slightly irascible Xatar then went on to produce his own record album of phone answering machine messages. Being a purist the original album was cut on vinyl. In addition to showing up on phone answering machines, the album became a party favorite. Xatar is presently employed as a spokesbeing for the Wizard's Tool Box™ circuits.

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